Dropbox Integration

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JustEZ integrates with Dropbox; a cloud storage app. You can create inspections, store all captured media in cloud for accessing it from anywhere. Learn how to create inspections from Dropbox

Real time syncing between JustEZ and Dropbox

If you have connected your JustEZ account with Dropbox, all the captured media gets synced to it. Also, publishing the scoping report in the app, will get it saved in cloud.  

Here's how it works:

Once you connect to Dropbox, a folder named 'JustEZApp' gets created in the Dropbox account. In this folder, you will find another folder named 'Outbound'. This folder may have many folders depending upon Insurance companies or adjusting firms you're working with. Each time you work on any inspection from a different IA firm, it creates a separate folder for it. And all the photos, documents and scoping report get stored in their respective folder.

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