How JustEZ works

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JustEZ is the last mile app for claim adjusters. It helps adjusters in performing various inspections using their phones & tablets. 

What can I do with JustEZ?

  • Sync Inspection from different carriers - Create or sync inspections from Dropbox, email and a claim management system i.e. ClaimColony. 
  • Schedule Inspections - Schedule inspections with a tap of your finger and always be more productive.
  • Navigate to loss site - Reach the loss site with our navigation capabilities. We have integration with Google and Waze maps.
  • Take photos/videos and caption them - Take photos/videos from your own camera and import them to JustEZ. Also, you can caption photos using our AI based captioning technology.
  • Answer a checklist - Use the pre-defined checklist and answer them during the inspection process.
  • Publish scoping reports - Now, you can publish reports on the go. These reports get generated based on the captured media and other investigation details. 

How it makes the inspection process simpler?

  • Plan your day effectively with scheduling capabilities.
  • Store all your photos and documents in cloud for easy access. 
  • Now you no longer need to spend hours on transferring the media.
  • Caption hundreds of photos in a few minutes.
  • Answer a pre-defined checklist so you never miss asking any questions.
  • Publish scoping reports on the cloud while you drive to your next inspection. 

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