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Inspection actions - There are some inspection actions available to make the field inspection process easy. Here you can read more about them:

i) Start Inspection -

Tapping the Start Inspection button will provide you with different options to record inspection details. Also, as soon as you tap on Start inspection, the inspection status changes to In progress. You can always put it on hold by starting any other inspection.  

ii) Reinspect - If the status of any inspection is on hold, you can tap on the 'Reinspect' button to get started with the inspection. This works in the same way as 'Start Inspection' button works. Tapping 'Reinspect' will mark the status of inspection as In progress.

iii) Complete Inspection - Here’s how you can complete the inspection:

  • Once the inspection is over, tap on 'Complete Inspection' button.
  • An inspection report gets generated based on recorded inspection details.
  • Now, you can Publish the report or share it with internal or external users.


  • To share the report, tap on the Download icon besides Publish button and choose any platform for sharing from available options.

iv) Cancel Inspection - If there is any scheduled inspection which you want to cancel due to any reason, you can always cancel it and it will move to Unscheduled screen. Here's how you can cancel any inspection:

  • Go to Scheduled screen and tap on any inspection to see its details.
  • Now, Tap on Cancel Inspection button. 
  • A confirmation pop up will appear, tap on Yes to confirm the cancellation. And that inspection will move to Unscheduled screen again. 

Completing an inspection - Once you have taken all the photos/videos and captioned them, it is time to publish the scoping report. 

  • Hit 'Complete Inspection' button. And the scoping report based on recorded investigation details will generate itself.
  • Now, tap on Publish to Publish the scoping report. Publishing the report will mark your inspection as completed. 
  • You can also share this report with internal or external users by tapping on the Download icon .

Dealing with sudden changes in inspection schedules - If there are any changes in inspection schedules, you can always reschedule them. Here's how:

  • Go to any inspection which you want to reschedule under Scheduled screen.
  • Now, tap on the Reschedule option available at the top right. 
  • Choose another date & time for the inspection and it will be rescheduled. 

Placing inspections on-hold - Sometimes it happens that you are not done with any inspection yet and it is time to start the next inspection. In that case, you can start with the new inspection by tapping the 'Start Inspection' button and your previous inspection will put on hold itself. 

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