Create Inspections In JustEZ From Dropbox

Updated 5 months ago by Bhumika

JustEZ integrates with most popular cloud storage app i.e. Dropbox. You can create or sync inspection from Dropbox.

NOTE: JustEZ must be connected to Dropbox in order to create inspections.

A folder named 'JustEZApp' gets created in your Dropbox account. In this folder, there is another folder named 'Inbound' which contains an excel sheet named as 'JustEZ.xlsx'. And you need to inspection assignment details in JustEZ.xlsx so it can reflect in JustEZ. 

Screenshot: Inbound folder gets created when you connect to Dropbox

Screenshot: Excel sheet inside Inbound folder


  • All the fields in Bold are mandatory fields. Please add data to them and only then your inspection will be created under JustEZ.
  • Inspection number should be unique.
  • You can find the inspection created from Dropbox under 'Unscheduled' tab of JustEZ.

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