Get Inspections In JustEZ From ClaimColony

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JustEZ currently supports a claim management system i.e. ClaimColony. Any activity added with 'Field adjuster assignment' and assigned to you in ClaimColony will get reflected in the app. This will only happen once you connect the app to ClaimColony. Learn how to connect with ClaimColony

How to create Field Adjuster Activity in ClaimColony:
  • Click on 'Create Workkard' from the top right. 
  • Select its type to 'Claim Workkard' from the drop down.

  • Add Workkard number, title, customer name, customer phone along with the required details of loss type, loss date etc in the given form.
  • Now, tap on 'Save and add activity' button.
  • Choose 'Field adjuster assignment' option from different activities' template.
  • Add activity description, due date, activity owner and choose a skill set

  • Now choose an Assignment method from given options. You can assign it to any of your team members or select your own name from the list.
  • Hit Save button and your activity gets reflected to the assignee in JustEZ.

If it is a B2B assignment:
  • Go to Unassigned activities in your ClaimColony account.
  • Choose any Field adjuster assignment activity and tap on 'Accept activity' option from 'Actions' dropdown.
  • Once you accept the activity, it will start reflecting to the assignee in JustEZ.

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