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Do I have to carry my iPad to the claimant house, if I am using JustEZ?

No, you need not carry your iPad. You can keep your iPad in your car dashboard and still complete the inspection.

Is it mandatory to have a Dropbox account to use JustEZ?

No. it’s not mandatory to have an account with Dropbox to use JustEZ. But we recommend having it, as all the photos, documents and scoping reports get synced automatically to cloud.

Do I’ve to download the google map or waze map for driving directions?

Yes, you must download the google or waze map for driving directions.

What is Auto captioning technology?

JustEZ uses artificial intelligence to caption the photos. You can now use your voice to add caption and overview to the photos.

What is a checklist?

A Checklist is the list of questions you ask the claimant during the inspection process. There are some pre-defined set of questions already present in JustEZ. You just have to click a yes or no, and the same will be reflected in the scoping report.

What is the benefit of filling the checklist?

The checklist helps you to create a well-documented report. As we all are humans and we tend to forget but once you have documented all your answers it’s easy to create an accurate report. 

Can I download JustEZ from google play store?

You can download JustEZ from Google Play Store.

Can I download the JustEZ from App store?

You can download JustEZ from App Store page.

Where will I receive the OTP for signup?

You will receive the OTP on your mobile number and email id.

What if I don’t get the OTP on my phone to sign up into JustEZ?

You can check your email address. You will receive a mail with the JustEZ verification code. Or else, you can click on the “Didn’t receive code?” and wait for some time. And if still you don’t receive the OTP, please write an email to us on support@justez.app

Can I Signup with my mobile number instead of my email address?

No, you can’t signup with your mobile number. You should enter your email address to sign up. 

Is entering the mobile number mandatory for signup?

Yes, its mandatory to enter your mobile number for signup process into JustEZ.  

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