Search Line Items In JustEZ

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  1. JustEZ lets you search line items categorized on the basis of the section you've selected. To search for a line item, you must have an idea about its category.

Here's how you can search line items in JustEZ:

  1. Tap the Search bar available at the recommended line items listed screen.
  2. A category keypad will open from the bottom. By default, it displays the categories based on your selected section. If you want to see all categories, you can always tap the "All Categories" option from the category keypad.
  3. Tap a category to choose a line item.
  4. Once you tap the category, it shows you line item codes. Choose a line item code that is more appropriate for your line item.
  5. As you tap the line item code, it will show you the related search results. You can always tap the "+" icon available at the end of the line item to add it to the cart.

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