FAQs related to working on Inspections

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Can I work on two inspections simultaneously?

Yes, you can work on two inspections at the same time. But when you’ll start the second inspection, the first inspection will be put on hold itself.

Can I preview the preliminary report before publishing it?

Yes, you can preview the preliminary report before publishing it.

How can I share the scoping report with my Insurance Company?

You can share the scoping report with your insurance company via mail. Tap on the download icon beside the Publish button. Therefore, various option will pop-up, you can choose any option and share it further. For example: Mail etc. 

Can I edit the clicked photo?

Yes, you can edit the clicked photo and add annotations as well. Please read our “Edit the photo and add annotations” help article.

Where will the scoping report be published?

It depends on the platform you're connected with. If you are connected to ClaimColony only, then the scoping report will get published as a note to the activity. And If you are connected to Dropbox, the copy of scoping report will be saved on the cloud irrespective to whether the inspection was created from Email or ClaimColony etc. 

Mostly I ask different questions to the claimant which are not mentioned in the Q&A section. Can I add more questions?

You cannot add/edit questions in the Q&A section. But we have a summary section i.e. synopsis of loss. You can add the additional claim information and the same will be reflected in your scoping report. 

What is the use of filling the checklist?

The use of filling the checklist is saving your time and create a well-documented report.

If I scheduled the appointment before calling the policy holder, can I still change the timings?

Yes, you can reschedule the appointment. 

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