Create Inspection Assignments in JustEZ from Email

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The sources of receiving inspections may vary, depending upon your channel. You might receive these inspections on your phone via emails, dropbox, etc. JustEZ allows you to create inspections using email clients too. All you need is to send/forward the email to "" and an inspection will be created.

There are two cases in which it works and they are:

Send email to assignee: When any inspection is sent by your supervisor or any IA firm, they can always send it to and keep the assignee's or registered user's email address in the "To" or "CC" field then it will get reflected in registered user's JustEZ account.

Forward email to create inspection: In case, an assignee receives the inspection via email. He can always forward it to and it will get reflected in his JustEZ's account.


  1. The assignee of the email should be a registered user of JustEZ.
  2. All inspections either sent or forwarded, can be found under the 'Unscheduled' screen.
  3. If the recipient adjuster is not the registered user of JustEZ then the inspection will not be created and the sender will receive an email that the user is not a registered user of JustEZ.
  4. When an inspection is sent or forwarded to JustEZ, you receive an acknowledgment email of inspection created as a success. And in case, the inspection is not created, you receive its failure email.

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