Re-Schedule Inspection Assignment in JustEZ

Updated 2 years ago by Udita

Here’s how you can reschedule an inspection:

  • Go to the Scheduled screen
  • Now, either Swipe right on the inspection which you want to reschedule or Tap on the Reschedule option from the top right.
  • Choose the correct date & time again from Calendar and save it by tapping the Tick icon .

Reschedule inspection after it is started:

You can also reschedule the inspection after it has started.

  • If you have started with an inspection and want to reschedule it for later or some other day, simply tap the Reschedule option available at the top right of your screen.
  • Choose the date & time from Calendar and Save it by tapping the Tick icon .
  • An inspection will be rescheduled and you’ll again have to tap on the Start Inspection button to get started with the inspection process.

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